Maximum Campaign impact with Vevo (CTV)

Do you want to bring your campaign to life? Then you can’t ignore Vevo anymore!

From discovering hot new talent to capturing epic live performances from today’s leading artists. With 2 million unique Dutch viewers per month, Vevo provides maximum campaign impact for your brand.

Maximum Campaign Impact with Vevo

Advertise on Vevo?

WebAds is Vevo’s official intermediary in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain and we are happy to discuss all advertising opportunities with you. Via WebAds, advertisers can easily utilize Vevo advertising space on Connected Television (CTV), providing them the guarantee that their campaigns will be seen around premium music video content.

Target audience

Dutch users of the Vevo CTV platform are younger than the average television viewer. Millennials and Gen Z are highly represented on the Vevo platform!

Vevo Stats Millenials

Check out our Audience fact sheet for a statistical deep dive.

Why Vevo CTV?

Premium Content: Vevo offers premium video content from the world’s most influential artists, directly delivered from the music labels.

Brand Safe: Vevo is a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Categorize music genres and artists that match the ethos of your brand!

Scale: Reach the ideal target audience in a younger age demographic with your efforts on Vevo. With two million unique viewers in the Netherlands, Vevo offers the scale needed to make your campaign a true success.

Brand Safety Vevo

Unique Targeting Tools

Want to add extra power to your media efforts? Smart targetting tools like Vevo Moods, Vevo Premieres Media and Vevo Rewind give you unique targeting options at your disposal. Want to read more about the targeting options? Then read more about the unique Vevo targeting tools in this article!

Vevo Mood Targeting

Let’s plan a brainstorm!

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